AGS is an investment platform that assures value creation for stakeholders in overlooked, yet critical, service companies.


Active Ownership Backed by Operational and Investment Expertise.   AGS was founded in 2018 by James Lindstrom, an investor, former CEO and board member of multiple public companies that had significant shareholder returns under his leadership.  AGS and its partners have a unique combination of deep experiences as board members, operators, acquirers and investors in service-focused companies going back multiple decades.  

Creating Value by Simplifying the Complex.   With deep experience in sound, yet often overlooked, publicly-traded businesses, AGS identifies, invests and, where appropriate, can help companies navigate complex situations.  AGS is often drawn to companies where operational, capital allocation and strategic changes can create value for all stakeholders. 

Driving Intrinsic Value per Share.   The AGS value enhancement framework applies strategic, relevant experience and data driven insights to drive capital allocation and operational excellence.  The AGS framework has multiple levers that create long-term value for shareholders during various business cycles.  

Scaling our Social Impact.  Promoting good business and strong corporate governance principles has always been at the foundation of AGS' value enhancement framework.  The AGS framework encourages and rewards the discovery and creation of new and efficient ways to responsibly serve stakeholders, often resulting in the growth of revenues and earnings.       

Short-Term Urgency, Long-term Goals.    While AGS often acts with urgency, AGS partners with those leaders who support continual and responsible investment to maximize each companies intrinsic value on a per share basis over the long-term.  

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